Creating Highly Effective Teams

Creating Highly Effective Teams

Why do some teams struggle to perform well? We might assume there is a lack of knowledge or resource on the team and we can apply a ‘sticking plaster’ by buying the missing resource or paying someone to update the knowledge we have. What if the team is capable; they know how to do their roles and they have the equipment, time and resources to succeed, but they still underperform?

‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’ In a toxic work environment, we don’t trusty each other, we make huge assumptions, there is a lack of communication and perhaps the only strategy available to those on the team is to make others look inferior. This is an extreme example, but it highlights that output and success will be affected regardless of the knowledge, experience and capacity available.

So, what culture is needed if we are to excel and achieve? The clear articulation of this is an important first step, we need to know what the destination is before we set off. Do we want a collaborative culture where we can really maximise the knowledge and experience of everyone on the team? Do we want professional challenge? Where we actively pick apart ideas to enhance them? Do we need to be more considerate and nurturing, so we are looking after each other and our stakeholders more effectively?

Programmes to develop teams are bespoke and personalised to ensure maximum impact. The format of this work is a mixture of team meets and workshops as well as one-to-one coaching. Time for colleagues to put ideas into practice is essential so sessions are spaced out with 7-14 day in between. The duration of the programme may only be 2-3 months or a year depending on the aims and objectives of the team. Please get in touch to discuss how a team you are in or oversee can be enhanced.

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Posted by Chris McGeehan

I completed a degree in education in 2002. My first year in the classroom was such a learning curve! My partner (now wife) and I moved in together exactly half way from where we grew up, Coventry. We were up in Lancashire or down in Kent whenever possible really and I felt that supply teaching would be a good way to start my career. In that year I worked in all sorts of schools around Birmingham and Coventry before settling in one school. For the next ten years I took on more responsibilities whilst continuing to develop my classroom practice. In 2012 I moved out of the classroom and into adult learning, writing and running programmes for teachers and leaders in schools, these were all based around a coaching ethos and most of my work became coaching groups, teams, individuals and training others to coach. I have had the privilege of working all over the UK as well as the opportunity to facilitate learning in Dubai, Cyprus, El Salvador and China over the last few years. Most of my hobbies are around keeping fit, I've completed three marathons, a few triathlons and even a strongman competition once (I came 4th). My son enjoys basketball and cycling so it's great we can do those together.